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March 10, 2016 02:43 AM

DEFINITION OF A cost-effective
Who's A cost-effective Lady?
1. An economical woman is any woman
who's residing in a guy's
home and the guy has now not paid her bride fee,
no wedding ceremony yet she is
dwelling with the fellow.
2. A reasonable lady is any female
who's already having
intercourse with a standard boyfriend and she or he does
no longer recognise in which the
courting is heading
to, she would not recognize
the place the man come
from, she doesn't be aware of the rest approximately
the fellow, no marriage
plan, no marriage ceremony wish,
however she is already
having intercourse with the fellow
as a result of the check she is getting from the
three. An economical woman is any woman
who attire half of bare
inside the call of favor,
exposing her boobs and different erotic materials of
her frame on the street.
four. An inexpensive lady is any woman
who sends her nude photographs
to boyfriends.
five. An economical lady is any lady who has completed one or
extra abortions and she or he
continues to be doing extra.
6. A reasonable lady is any woman
who reads this publish
and will get indignant with the poster.
While you're doing all
this stuff, you're a
shame to womanhood
and also you also are a
shame on your dad and mom and loved ones. It's far
no longer an insult. This can be a
Discover ways to stay an honest
lifestyles. It can pay to be
good and accountable. Excellent OR Fake ?
Don't be An economical
Woman. BE A Guilty
Girl In order that THE
Global CAN Have fun
YOU. Instruct and tutor a lady (tutorial and Morally) in Faith, you construct and coach a Country. If NIGERIA Moms had been knowledgeable way back Nigeria will be removed from wherein we're as we speak. cheap mother of the bride dresses
Ndigbo na Enyi say whatever thing oooo